Since taking his oath of office on January 1, 2009, Constable Hayden has completely revamped his agency, which has since been recognized by various groups and organizations and spotlighted by the news media for tackling a long list of issues including the illegal drug problem that has plagued East County for so long, illegal dumping, uninsured drivers, and the enormous backlog of warrants Hayden inherited.  Constable Hayden also started community programs such as vacation watches and started a junior/young adult law enforcement mentoring program where teens can ride with deputies, learn the trade, gain valuable training and experience and maybe one day become a peace officer themselves.  The program already has led teens to join the military, fire and police departments. Since taking office, Constable Hayden's formed a SRT team (Special Response Team) comprised of a team of deputies that are highly trained in areas such as high risk felony warrants, active shooter, barricaded subjects or any other high risk situation.  Constable Hayden has also taken on the issue of internet child predators and child pornography. Deputies receive special training and have networked and coordinated with law enforcement agencies within Montgomery County and even outside the state to bring several child predators to justice, with the caseload continually increasing. Also formed are the Swift Water Rescue Team which saw many dangerous high water rescues during local floods including the ‘tax day flood’ and Hurricane Harvey; most recently the flooding in May of 2019. The SRG (Special Response Group) was formed in 2018 for the protection of citizens from the possible uprising we have seen in other cities in the US.

Constable Hayden focuses his deputies in the neighborhoods and connecting with the public on a more personal level; this is sometimes referred to "community policing".  He’s directed his deputies to "work the neighborhoods", helping you in any way they can.  This includes listening to your needs, education you on how to secure your home and business and how not be become a victim of crimes.  All this is and was accomplished by implementing community programs such as vacation watches, a citizen's constable academy, residential security surveys, neighborhood watch groups and others.  Constable Hayden’s website allows citizen's to ask questions, give tips and even commend a deputy for their actions.  Constable Hayden and the Pct. 4 Office has been awarded many accolades including the “Vehicular Crimes Task Force Agency of the Year”, MADD “Outstanding Law Enforcement Agency”, being recognized by other high ranking government officials, including Congressman Ted Poe for narcotics suppression and many more.

Constable Hayden has assigned deputies to the HIDTA Task Force, a task force made up of other local, state and federal agencies, including local district attorney offices, sheriff offices, city police departments, DPS, FBI, DEA, ATF and the Dept. of Homeland Security. This task force focuses on not only narcotics, but also, yet not limited to large scale crimes such as human trafficking, prostitution rings and weapons trafficking all of which effect your area.  Constable Hayden also provided a deputy as a liaison to the Pct. 4 Commissioner, James Mett’s Office to assist in illegal dumping, environmental cases and assist with law enforcement calls received by the commissioner's office.  

Constable Hayden's office continues to lead the way in programs, progress and innovation and has become a model for Constable offices across the country. 

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